aboutus"A Natural, Timeless Art"

Stone and Marble is a natural, timeless art that survives through the ages. Nothing quite beats the emotion of walking into a room or coming upon a home covered in beautiful stone.  

The Art of Stone is a family owned and operated business, employing qualified staff who have experience with the products we sell and a passion for customer satisfaction.

We have an array of stock on-hand as well as the option of ordering many more materials. All fabrication is done on site - we deliver the final product to you, ready for installation!

We are available to offer expert complimentary consultations and we pride ourselves in our competitive pricing for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Thanks to our highly trained craftspeople, we are able to transform your home or business, giving it a fresh, up-to-date look.

Our goal is to achieve our clients vision by choosing the right material according to their design ideas and intended functionality.
We support and cooperate with homeowners, contractors, interior designers and architects in search of original solutions for their creations and in the highest professional manner.

Located at 130 Chain Lake Drive, in the industrial Bayer's Lake area, we are the one stop shop for all your natural stone and housing project needs.
To find out more information, please visit our showroom, where our staff will be happy to answer any questions, or email us at Email: InfoTheArtOfStone@Gmail.com


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We can customize projects for your specific needs at our onsite workshop.

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Marble ArTwork

Our Artist in Residence

Vasilis Vasili is a Greek contemporary sculptor and visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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